My Failure as an Entrepreneur in 2018

Life is short whenever we are young who don’t dream of being a successful entrepreneur. Since last year March and started full time in June (2018), I quit everything to start my new online business since I failed a couple times as an entrepreneur a few years back. I tried lots of business but all of them failed. Nothing works in my case; at that time, I didn’t have money because I’m still incredibly young. Then, I tried to figure out the problem that isn’t related to money. I found out one of the biggest issues was I found myself didn’t dedicate much to my work as an entrepreneur and didn’t keep moving. Most of them are less than 1 year and then I give up. This time I decided start the entrepreneur journey again in a full-time mode with my savings.

Before that I was aware there were many beginner developers including me myself (in the past) who didn’t find a course that actual course that teaches about how to write better code. Then I decided to create one with my experience and something that I learned from Udacity as a student and ex-student mentor of Google Scholarship program. In the first few months I spent my time building a course called “introduction to code quality”. and pick an LMS for my online course that’s called Teachable. Everything was work well and I liked their sales page. It’s powerful. Then, I start the $999 plan for a year. The first few months, I created a free course to teach about

Course Sales Page

I have done some tests to see whether there is a potential in the market. Fortunately, the feedback was good, there were lots of students signing up for the course.

Course Students Sign Up

In the first week, I manage to have 600+ students during the market testing phrases. When looking at the result I was surprised, I believe there must be a demand there. So, I get motivated and think that I should contribute more to teach and help people from the knowledge I learned.

In August 2018, I launched a course forum that helps my students to learn more about programming.

Unfortunately, things don’t goes well. There’s are many bugs on the site. One of the most important things is there are many limitations that we can’t do with Teachable and Forums (WordPress). Other than bug, the most painful thing I need is to integrate my forum with Teachable. I wrote an email to the support, they told me that WordPress is their competitor, so they won’t allow us to do that. It’s not possible to integrate with your WordPress site. The moment I was like crazy. So, I think it’s nevermine, when you want to achieve to something, the only obstruct is yourself not anything else.

Then, I try to figure out another possible way to make it. I do try to synchronize a couple WordPress sites to replace Teachable. It took me almost half year (6 months++). There’s lots of trouble and issues on synchronize multiple sites, I also tried WordPress Multisite it still doesn’t work, that makes me really depressed. I’ve wasted a few thousand dollars and a year to build the things I need but nothing works as I think. I gave up on Teachable platform and paid to tried difference theme and plugins 50++ from CodeCanyon or anywhere it’s good. At last, I only use a few of them. It’s like 80% of them I don’t put them in use, it hurts a lot and I made mistakes again. the lessons learned. It’s sad but fine because I know the mistake you made today, it reminds you again and again of the mistake today in future.

After experiencing so much failure, I decided to bring myself a backpacking trip and this adventure was change my mind. I was totally saw my problems during the journey. People said that travel alone are the best way to understand yourself. You’ll start re-discover yourself, exploring what’s you, experimenting for numerous kind of lifestyle. No matter what’s happen, you have to fix it yourself like an entrepreneur. No body is obligate to help you, you have no parents, no friends and nothing when you travel solo. You can even do yourself, give yourself brave to do things you afraid to do in the past. So, you will learn to love yourself and start discover what you love, what’s really need and what’s you want but not really need.

Thanks, is short, there’s something bad happen to me every single week during the journey. But that’s what an adventure is, I’ve got an amazing journey during that moment. Coming back to my country, I find myself has changed a lot. My though, my mindset and spirit are totally different than before. I started becoming more focused, more brave and better. Now, I’m a minimalist. I let go of the past failure and start again rebuilding all my site. Finally, my site was great as I expect now. My current site are running 45++ plugins and include many custom script and customization. However, the site’s performance still reached my expectations after reducing so many unnecessary things. Finally, I can start writing a blog and then focus on my online course building.

GT Metrix Page speed Insight

Google PageSpeed Insights – Desktop Google PageSpeed Insight Desktop

Google PageSpeed Insights – Mobile Google PageSpeed Insight Mobile

My current expectation is releasing my online course before 2019. I hope I can make it; it was supposed to be released at the end of last year (2018). I hope the course can at least recover my losses since I made so many mistakes. Now, I’m going to list some mistakes I made during my entrepreneurship 2018.

Mistake 1: Overload (Try to do everything)

I’ve been overloaded when I’m too greedy and I want to have many things for my site. It makes me feel super difficult to maintain, at first online course, then forum, then blog, then eCommerce of selling digital products and services. But end up, I spent the whole day building a site that actually works as I think. When the forum was complete, bugs and errors in the others website were coming, I went and fixed it then I figured out another problem. Just like that every day of my time is gone. I tried to do everything in the past, but now I let go of some and focus on things that I can do like a minimalist. Keep things stupid simple, make sure it works. The more things you own the more it costs to maintain. It doesn’t mean you own it; it may not cost you anything in future. Sometimes, it costs more than you expected.

Mistake 2: Didn’t have a plan and direction based on reality

Planning is especially important. However, having a plan doesn’t mean you will success. You need to work super hard to achieve your plan no matter the reason, no excuses. It’s not to plan for fun, it’s plan for actual work and goal. The problem that I have is I plan it but it doesn’t work because I’m too greedy, planning too many things that overloaded me. Then I keep delaying and delaying the process, it became another problem which is procrastination. When you plan your goal, be sure your plan is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Timely) enough to work. Don’t be too greedy like me.

Mistake 3: Distractions

There are too many distractions outside the world, you need to have a particularly good resistance to those distractions around you. Mute all the phone and desktop notifications and reduce ineffective social as much as possible. Don’t try to see all those new notifications, they never end. It keeps coming up, you need to control yourself.

Mistake 4: Want to Be Too Perfect

I always want to be perfect; it doesn’t matter if it’s a small thing or whatever. I want to be perfect; the idea was good, right? Unfortunately, it’s not in my case because it will cost a lot to be perfect. You will end up wasting tons of time and money for a slight improvement that people are not able to see it. As a beginner entrepreneur, don’t try to be perfect unless you have a cash flow for your business and are already making money. If not, when you don’t make money, don’t be too perfect. Start making money even though it isn’t perfect until you make money then you can consider making it better. It’s about the timing issue, not the right time to be perfect. One of the examples is Microsoft, they sell Windows Vista which is not very perfect then comes out Windows XP. Windows 8 and now become the better one in Windows 10. Don’t wait until it is perfect to start making money, money never come and you can’t afford to wait it.

Last but not least, they you so much for being patients for reading my entrepreneur story. I hope it can help you to remember the mistake I made when you start a entrepreneurship journey. Hope to see you again, if you like it don’t forget to send an email to let me know.