Fang Kiang

The Power of Leverage

In today’s modern, Leverage is happening everywhere. Most of us know about leverage, but we never know how to put the leverage in the right use. The right use of leverage can make you wealthier, or it can make you poorer. It’s perilous if you don’t know what you are doing when using the leverage. …

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Identify and Track a Target

Project Info DATE: 2017 SKILLS: PYTHON / COMPUTER VISION / DEEP LEARNING LINK: GITHUB In this project, we will train a deep neural network to identify and track a target in simulation. So-called “follow me” applications like this are key to many fields of robotics and the very same techniques you apply here could be extended …

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Advanced Lane Lines Detection

Advanced Lane Finding Project The goals / steps of this project are the following: Compute the camera calibration matrix and distortion coefficients given a set of chessboard images. Apply a distortion correction to raw images. Use color transforms, gradients, etc., to create a thresholded binary image. Apply a perspective transform to rectify binary image (“birds-eye …

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Vehicle Detection

PROJECT: VEHICLE DETECTIONDATE: 2017GITHUB: PLAY NOWSKILLS: PYTHON/COMPUTER VISION/MACHINE LEARNING The goals / steps of this project are the following: Perform a Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) feature extraction on a labeled training set of images and train a classifier Linear SVM classifier Optionally, you can also apply a color transform and append binned color features, as well as …

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Self-Driving Car Team Project

GITHUB: This is the project repo for the final project of the Udacity Self-Driving Car Nanodegree: Programming a Real Self-Driving Car. The goal is driving a car in a simulator and in real world test ground. The car must be able to drive through a pre-recorded track and stop at red traffic lights. For …

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Memory Game Project

PROJECT: MEMORY GAMEDATE: 2016DEMO: PLAY NOWSKILLS: HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT/JQUERY/ANIMATE.CSS Instructions This is a simple memory game cerate with HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery library. They are eight pairs of cards with a total of 16 cards in each match. When clicking the card, it will be selected. The next move is to select the same pair of …

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The Concept

PROJECT: THE CONCEPTPROJECT URL: DATE: 2017SKILLS: BUSINESS PLANNING/APP PLANNING/FEATURES PLANNING It’s a part of Udacity Design Sprint Foundation’s project. It teaches me learn to use the Design Sprint process to test ideas, leverage opportunities, and power innovation.

Music SQL Database

Database: Chinook DatabaseGitHub: URL Introduction In this project, I use Structured Query Language (SQL) to extract and analyze data stored in Chinook Database that holds information about a music store. In this project, I used SQL queries to create the visualization data images for assisting the Chinook team with understanding of their customers from the …

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Investigate Titanic Dataset

GITHUB: URL Dataset chosen: Titanic The latter question will be analyzed via other (more detailed questions), such as: Does gender have any impact on the survival rate? Does passenger survive because of higher passenger class? What’s the range of age have highest rate to survive? READ FROM DATASET Survived: (0:No, 1:Yes) Pclass: Passenger class (1:First …

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