Advanced Lane Lines Detection

Advanced Lane Finding Project The goals / steps of this project are the following: Compute the camera calibration matrix and distortion coefficients given a set of chessboard images. Apply a distortion correction to raw images. Use color transforms, gradients, etc., to create a thresholded binary image. Apply a perspective transform to rectify binary image (“birds-eye …

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Vehicle Detection

PROJECT: VEHICLE DETECTIONDATE: 2017GITHUB: PLAY NOWSKILLS: PYTHON/COMPUTER VISION/MACHINE LEARNING The goals / steps of this project are the following: Perform a Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) feature extraction on a labeled training set of images and train a classifier Linear SVM classifier Optionally, you can also apply a color transform and append binned color features, as well as …

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Memory Game Project

PROJECT: MEMORY GAMEDATE: 2016DEMO: PLAY NOWSKILLS: HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT/JQUERY/ANIMATE.CSS Instructions This is a simple memory game cerate with HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery library. They are eight pairs of cards with a total of 16 cards in each match. When clicking the card, it will be selected. The next move is to select the same pair of …

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The Concept

PROJECT: THE CONCEPTPROJECT URL: DATE: 2017SKILLS: BUSINESS PLANNING/APP PLANNING/FEATURES PLANNING It’s a part of Udacity Design Sprint Foundation’s project. It teaches me learn to use the Design Sprint process to test ideas, leverage opportunities, and power innovation.

Music SQL Database

Database: Chinook DatabaseGitHub: URL Introduction In this project, I use Structured Query Language (SQL) to extract and analyze data stored in Chinook Database that holds information about a music store. In this project, I used SQL queries to create the visualization data images for assisting the Chinook team with understanding of their customers from the …

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